How to order groceries using Instacart


What are the benefits of using Instacart?

Instacart makes it super easy to get all of your essentials without leaving the house. At the moment, this can prove invaluable for those that are social distancing. However, it is also extremely useful if you can’t make it to the store for any other reason too. The huge range of partnering stores means that you can always have access to everything you need within just a few taps or clicks.

Where can you order from?

Instacart works with large grocery chains and smaller stores as well. Favorites such as Target and Costco are available to order from, along with Albertsons and CVS. When you access the app or website, you will be able to see which stores near you offer Instacart’s grocery delivery service.

Things to bear in mind

There will always be times when you can’t get all of the products that you want, and this is no different to shopping in the actual store. At the moment, some lines are experiencing low stock, and delivery times might also be affected. You also need to bear in mind that prices may vary from in-store prices, but with the time saved and lack of effort required, we think Instacart is a great way to get your weekly shop.

A great way to shop

So, whether you are social distancing or just need a better way to shop, Instacart makes it easier than ever to get everything you need, fast. You can download the app for free on Google Play and the iOS App Store, or you can find the website at

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