Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra vs Google Pixel 6 Pro rear on table

Galaxy S22 Ultra vs Pixel 6 Pro
Credit: Eric Zeman / Android Authority
  • A Samsung polity moderator has confirmed the visitor will fix the Wi-Fi calling vulnerability well-expressed Samsung phones with Exynos processors in April.
  • The flaw found by Google allows hackers to remotely wangle unauthentic devices using just a phone number.

Last week, Google disclosed several severe zippy flaws in Samsung’s Exynos fries that could indulge hackers to remotely hack smartphones by simply knowing a phone number. The issue affects not only a number of Samsung phones but moreover Vivo and Google Pixel devices. While Google has patched the vulnerabilities through its March security update for Pixels, it appears unauthentic Samsung Galaxy devices still remain at risk, at least for a few increasingly days.