Today we're delivering the principal beta of Android 15. With the headway we've made refining the elements and security of Android 15, now is the right time to free the experience up to the two designers and early adopters, so you can now select any upheld Pixel gadget here to get this and future Android 15 Beta and component drop Beta updates over-the-air.

Android 15 proceeds with our work to fabricate a stage that works on your efficiency, give clients a premium application experience, safeguard client protection and security, and make your application open to whatever number individuals as could be expected under the circumstances all in an energetic and various environment of gadgets, silicon accomplices, and transporters.

Google releases first beta version of Android 15 –

Android conveys upgrades and new elements all year, and your criticism on the Android beta program assumes a key part in assisting android with constantly getting to the next level.

The Android 15 designer webpage has parts more data about the beta, including downloads for Pixel and the delivery timetable. We're anticipating hearing what you think, and thank you ahead of time for your proceeded with assistance in making Android a stage that works for everybody.

We'll have parcels more to share as we travel through the delivery cycle, and make certain to tune into Google I/O where you can plunge further into subjects that interest you with north of 100 meetings, studios, codelabs, and demos.


Applications focusing on Android 15 are shown edge-to-edge naturally on Android 15 gadgets. This implies that applications never again need to expressly call Window.setDecorFitsSystemWindows(false) or enableEdgeToEdge() to show their substance behind the framework bars, despite the fact that we prescribe proceeding to call enableEdgeToEdge() to get the edge-to-edge insight on prior Android discharges.

Google Rolls Out First Android 15 Beta. Here's How You Can Get It Right Now  - CNET

To help your application with going edge-to-edge, a significant number of the Material 3 composables handle insets for you, in light of how the composables are set in your application as per the Material determinations.

On the left: Application targets SDK 34 (Android 14) and isn't edge-to-edge on an Android 15 gadget. On the right: Application targets SDK 35 (Android 15) and is edge-to-edge on an Android 15 gadget. Note the Material 3 TopAppBar is consequently safeguarding the status bar, which would some way or another be straightforward as a matter of course.

The framework bars are straightforward or clear and content will draw behind as a matter of course. Allude to "Handle covers utilizing insets" (Perspectives) or Window insets in Form to perceive how to forestall significant touch focuses from being concealed by the framework bars.

Smoother NFC Experiences - Part 2

Android 15 is attempting to make the tap to pay experience more consistent and dependable while proceeding to help Android's strong NFC application environment.

Smoother NFC Experiences - Part 2

Notwithstanding the notice mode changes from Android 15 engineer see 2, applications can now enroll a unique mark on upheld gadgets so they can be informed of surveying circle action, which takes into consideration smooth activity with various NFC-mindful applications.

Inter-character justification

Beginning with Android 15, text can be legitimate using letter dispersing by utilizing Justification Mode inter Character. Between word support was first presented in Android O, however between character tackles for dialects that utilization the void area for division, for example Chinese, Japanese, and so forth.

App archiving

Android and Google Play reported help for application chronicling last year, permitting clients to let loose space by somewhat eliminating inconsistently utilized applications from the gadget that were distributed utilizing Android Application Group on Google Play. Android 15 presently incorporates operating system level help for application filing and unarchiving, making it simpler for all application stores to carry out it.

Android devices can now automatically archive little-used apps - The Verge

Applications with the REQUEST_DELETE_PACKAGES consent can call the PackageInstaller requestArchive technique to demand chronicling an at present introduced application bundle, which eliminates the APK and any reserved documents, yet endures client information.

Chronicled applications are returned as displayable applications through the LauncherApps APIs; clients will see a UI therapy to feature that those applications are documented. On the off chance that a client taps on a filed application, the capable installer will get a solicitation to unarchive it, and the reclamation interaction can be observed by the ACTION_PACKAGE_ADDED broadcast.

App-managed profiling

Android 15 incorporates the all new ProfilingManager class, which permits you to gather profiling data from inside your application. We're wanting to wrap this with an Android Jetpack Programming interface that will improve on development of profiling demands, yet the center Programming interface will permit the assortment of store dumps, load profiles, stack examining, and the sky is the limit from there.

It furnishes a callback to your application with a provided tag to recognize the result document, which is conveyed to your application's records catalog. The Programming interface rates restricting to limit the exhibition influence.

Better Braille

In Android 15, we've made it workable for TalkBack to help Braille shows that are utilizing the Concealed norm over both USB and secure Bluetooth. This norm, similar as the one utilized by mice and consoles, will assist Android with supporting a more extensive scope of Braille shows over the long run.

Google Play will now auto-archive your least-used apps

App compatibility

With Android 15 now in beta, we're opening up admittance to early-adopter clients as well as designers, so on the off chance that you haven't yet tried your application for similarity with Android 15, right now is an ideal opportunity to make it happen. In the weeks ahead, you can anticipate that more clients should attempt your application on Android 15 and raise issues they find.

Android Developers Blog: Testing app compatibility in Android 11

To test for similarity, introduce your distributed application on a gadget or emulator running Android 15 beta and work through your application's all's streams. Survey the conduct changes to concentrate your testing. After you've settled any issues, distribute an update quickly.

To give you additional opportunity to make arrangements for application similarity work, we're telling you our Foundation Security achievement well ahead of time.